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    Temple Wedding | Group Shot List

    January 1, 2012

    Please take a few moments to fill out this group shot list. I will bring your answers with me to your wedding and use it as a guide as we shoot family pictures and bridal party pictures.

    I am not liable for any group dynamics missed if they are not mentioned on this form. I try my best to accommodate picture requests on the wedding day! Please be aware of time constraints (especially if your event includes a luncheon) and plan carefully if you want a significant amount for bride/groom portraits at the temple. Thank you!

    Email Address:
    What time does your sealing start?
    TEMPLE: Let's figure out what group shots you would like to have taken at the temple after the sealing. Keep in mind, many group/family pictures means less time for bridal pictures of you and your groom around the temple. It just depends on your priorities! Emily Susan Photography is NOT liable for group shots missed if they are not listed on this form. Entire group/everyone in attendance
    Bride/groom kissing in front of entire group
    BRIDE'S extended family (parents+siblings+aunts+cousins+grandparents+ETC)
    BRIDE'S immediate family (parents + siblings + spouses + children)
    BRIDE'S nuclear family (parents+siblings)
    BRIDE'S parents
    BRIDE with mom
    BRIDE with dad
    GROOM'S extended family (parents+siblings+aunts+cousins+grandparents+ETC)
    GROOM'S immediate family (parents + siblings + spouses + children)
    GROOM'S nuclear family (parents+siblings)
    GROOM'S parents
    GROOM with mom
    GROOM with dad
    BOTH sets of parents
    ENTIRE bridal party
    BRIDE with bridesmaids
    GROOM with groomsmen
    There are group shots not listed here that I would like
    TEMPLE: Are there group shots not listed above that you wanted? Please describe them here. If there are any split families or situations I should be aware of for pictures, please describe below how you would prefer we do pictures of everyone!
    Please list the names of all immediate family members for the brides's family and groom's family. AKA parents, siblings + spouses if applicable. This will help me a lot on the big day!
    TEMPLE: Group shots with the bridal party can be done more extensively after the family photos, if desired. If there are certain bridal party poses you want to shoot, describe them below! If you don't want/don't have time for extensive bridal party photos after the temple, please write N/A.
    What is the time and place of your luncheon? Knowing this will help me make sure we finish taking pictures on time to get you there. Write N/A if there is no luncheon.
    What time does your reception start and end?
    Reception location/address?
    If there is a detailed itinerary for the wedding day or for the reception's events - please copy and paste that here. Alternatively, email to >>> emilysusankim@gmail.com
    The other vendors and businesses who helped create your wedding day appreciate given credit for their hard work and I would love to do so when I publish your images. Please list below the business names (or websites) of any vendors who contributed to your event. (Dress shop, florist, hair/makeup, catering, etc!)
    Anything else I should know about your wedding? Tell me below! If not - thank you for filling out this form. It helps us all be organized and stress-free on the wedding day!

    Form provided by Freedback.

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