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    Heidi, Inspired by Heidi | PROVO UT BRIDAL PHOTOGRAPHER

    April 11, 2013

    Here is Part II of our lovely Heidi-inspired bridal pictures (Part I is HERE). I like to think of Part I being "Heidi at the Cottage" whereas these are "Heidi in the Mountains", you know?

    Dress - Thrift Store
    Boots - Marshall's
    Sweater - Thrift Store
    Ring - Family Heirloom
    Hair and Makeup - Pinterest ;)

     photo b_zpscc6fea6e.jpg  photo c_zpsfc57a90e.jpg  photo e_zps5e61a399.jpg  photo f_zps3527c0c7.jpg  photo g_zpsc8e28cf0.jpg  photo h_zps0a91e643.jpg  photo i_zps73799fa1.jpg  photo j_zps0bc89ff8.jpg  photo k_zps8ef49b9e.jpg  photo l_zpsaa0e33c3.jpg  photo m_zpsc50403c1.jpg  photo n_zps7e970901.jpg
    What children's novel or other story do you think could be an awesome photoshoot?

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