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    Heidi, Inspired by Heidi (||) | PROVO UT BRIDAL PHOTOGRAPHER

    April 1, 2013

    My sister and I came up with this idea based on the 1880 novel Heidi by Johanna Spyri based in the quaint Swiss Alps. Naturally, our location for these was none other than Midway, Utah, established by Swiss immigrants in the mid-1800s. The historical small town is still alive and well with the rustic architecture of Switzerland - it was so perfect I could cry.

    And, yes, her name is actually Heidi and she (and I) are both half German and that is our grandma's wedding ring and we actually found the Heidi book at D.I. and she did those braids herself. SomuchgoodnessImgonnadie.

     photo a_zpscb89e2ac.jpg  photo b_zps4398a7bc.jpg  photo c_zps25aa4fc3.jpg  photo d_zps84a4ef5d.jpg  photo e_zpsa53b8e3d.jpg  photo f_zps56193b38.jpg  photo g_zps74306422.jpg  photo ha_zpscf22285c.jpg  photo i_zps235e9b8c.jpg  photo a_zpsea3b47a8.jpg  photo b_zpsc0aa07a8.jpg  photo d_zps05f02947.jpg  photo e_zps5e462576.jpg  photo f_zps28ffcbe5.jpg  photo g_zps0cd75dc2.jpg  photo h_zps805cf8a7.jpg  photo i_zps5b9ed310.jpg  photo lastone_zpsb6b4d2fc.jpg  photo h_zps8278a284.jpg
    These pictures were so fun to plan and shoot. More coming later of Heidi in the mountains, naturally. Any other novels you think would be a wonderful photoshoot?

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