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    Stephen + Grace | Engagements

    May 22, 2013

    This here is my BIL.. brother-in-law. And FSIL (fizzle?).. future-sister-in-law. I think about their wedding all the time and I am SO EXCITED for August 16!!

    Stephen and Grace are much more cool and cultural than Kim couple #1 (me and Jason) so they decided to get some shots in Korean hanboks. The colors and detail are beautiful, don't you think? These two rocked a cold and WINDY day to get these shots - so worth it. :)

    Take a look!

    2 Responses to “Stephen + Grace | Engagements”

    1. ohmygosh emily these are beautiful! and stephen!!! i can't believe you're getting married!!!!!!!! you're my little brudder....


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