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    Mama | Beach Portrait Photography

    June 4, 2013

    My one and only MAMA came out to visit us in CA. While she was here, we did a little photoshoot by the beach. It was beautiful! She even chose an appropriate nautical-y outfit all by herself. These are a few of my most favorite images that we got.

    This area by the coast is AMAZING because there is so much variety with scenery for photoshoots.. I'm dying to do another soon! Anyone in Ventura..? :)

     photo 1_zps40031d2e.jpg  photo 2_zpsa4775ebe.jpg  photo 3_zps226fd53f.jpg  photo 4_zps029e762e.jpg  photo 5b_zps8079b19d.jpg  photo 5_zps692e5396.jpg Image and video hosting by TinyPic  photo 7_zpsa74ae38a.jpg  photo 8_zpsc0b34331.jpg  photo 9b_zpsb8a59231.jpg Image and video hosting by TinyPic  photo 10_zps565d7de3.jpg  photo 11_zps6d0708c3.jpg  photo 12_zps80588ab1.jpg  photo 13_zpse9124948.jpg  photo 14b_zpsd6d3e56c.jpg  photo 14_zpsd98f14b0.jpg Image and video hosting by TinyPic  photo 16_zps5ac51341.jpg  photo 17_zpsb0948f0e.jpg

    2 Responses to “Mama | Beach Portrait Photography”

    1. aw, these are so beautiful em!! I think my favorite is the 4th picture where she's looking out over the ocean... she doesn't look a day over 20!!

    2. what a gorgeous area to shoot! i'm jealous! someday we need to do a photoshoot together :) love all these images of your mom!


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