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    Emily+Jason | Anniversary Shoot

    August 5, 2013

    These our are awesome friends - Emily and Jason. It is confusing at times because.. our names are also Emily and Jason. We have an eerily high number of things in common too. We've both been relocated here to California for the summer for internships and spent an evening at the (cold, windy, and cloudy) beach to get some pictures.

    Emily and Jason (them, not us) just celebrated their two year anniversary! Congrats to them!

    If you're curious, HERE are the pictures they took of us, too!

    One Response to “Emily+Jason | Anniversary Shoot”

    1. ooooohhh.. I. LOVE. her pop of red against the sea. Dang that is some serious eye candy. <333 And as usual Emily, BEAUTIFUL!! And so very sharp!


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