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    Michael + Lesly | American Fork Utah Wedding Photography

    September 16, 2013

    This wedding was perfect. Perfect perfect perfect. An amazing amount of hard work went into the little details - from a hand-detailed dress to vintage camera centerpieces.

    Typically at the end of the reception, I'm about ready to fall asleep in my shoes. This time? No way. After the crazy dance party in the pouring rain and sparkler exit in the pouring POURING rain I was PUMPED! Things really went out with a bang and I had a blast being there for all of it! I seriously cannot say enough good things about this wedding. Congrats again to Mike and Lesly! The coolest, chillest, stylish couple.

    One Response to “Michael + Lesly | American Fork Utah Wedding Photography”

    1. gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!! That shot of them kissing with the rain and the sparklers... PRICELESS. They will thank you forever for that. :)


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