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    Grace + Stephen | South Jordan UT Wedding Photography

    November 11, 2013

    First there were the engagements (see HERE), then the bridals (see HERE) and now the WEDDING! I know - this was a while ago. Though I always get the images to the clients as quickly as possible, I'm not always the fastest with getting them up here on the blog... so yes, that's why you're seeing a summer wedding in November! Thanks to Grace and Stephen for their patience. :)

    As you may already know, Stephen is my brother-in-law and now I have a sister-in-law, too! Photographing a wedding for our family is extra fun and extra special; it's nice to actually know almost everyone you're photographing and even be in a few shots yourself. I'm in two of the pictures below, see if you can find me...

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    1. Gorgeous!! That pic of the little boy in the bottom left corner is so adorable! haha


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