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    2013 Review | Thirteen Favorites From 2013

    January 1, 2014

    My husband asked me the other day, "Are you going to do one of those year things again like you did for 2012?" It's so hard for me to believe that 2013 is already OVER and the thought of doing a 2013-photo-round-up didn't even cross my mind! I started going through images and was completely shocked at the number of shoots I had! For some reason I was thinking I didn't "shoot very much" in 2013. Well that is crazy talk. There are SO many images and shoots that I love from 2013 and choosing them for this post was impossible! There was no way I could choose a single image as my most favorite, so here are thirteen completely different favorites for completely different reasons in 2013.

    These thirteen pictures don't even begin to represent all the pictures I love from this year. Some of them I love for the actual photographs, but some I love because of the story, the moment, or the people it was about. I keep looking at the pictures in this post over and over again and it just fills my heart! Having the ability to freeze special moments in time is the most rewarding part of photography. So grateful for this year I had and for 2014 ahead!

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