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    Lindsay + Abe | Provo UT Engagement Photography

    January 24, 2014

    I am so thrilled to share these engagement pictures. Again and again I've been proven that photos in winter turn out BEAUTIFULLY when you've got good cooperative subjects who are willing to brave the low temperatures! Seriously my most favorite shoots recently have had a good foot or two of snow on the ground (like these bridals and this couple).

    Lindsay and Abe are cool, relaxed, and classy (ie - look at that blazer). Come March I have the privilege to shoot their SLC wedding and I can't wait! I've been extremely grateful lately for all these amazing clients I get to work with!
    Enjoy their pictures below!

    2 Responses to “Lindsay + Abe | Provo UT Engagement Photography”

    1. Oh em.i.laayyyy. Beautiful! So classic! I love snowy engagements too!


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