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    Whitney+Jordan | Twin Falls ID Couples Photographer

    June 30, 2014

    While living in Twin Falls, ID this summer I have been so wow'ed by the geography here. You see, it's a pretty flat, regular, unassuming town with corn fields, farms, etc etc.. but then BAM(!) right smack dab in Twin Falls there is this ginormous, stunning, beautiful, canyon with the majestic Snake River flowing through it. It is lush and green with waterfalls flowing over the cliff edges all over the place. It blows. my. MIND.

    Naturally, I had an insane desire to photograph here. I'm glad Whitney and Jordan were up to the task! There were complete naturals in front of the camera and were such a pleasure to hang around with. Whitney is studying photography at BYU-Idaho, just like I did many moons ago.

    PS: I am currently booking weddings for August 2014 and onward back in UTAH VALLEY. Travel available - contact me!

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