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    March 4, 2015

    I photographed these 'bridal' images of Mette several weeks ago in Provo. I say 'bridal' because she is already happily married, but was more than happy to bring her wedding dress out of her parents' closet for this shoot!

    My favorite part of these pictures is the lovely afternoon sunlight and pockets of green grass we found. I'm a firm believer that any time of year can look beautiful in images, as long as you can find beautiful light. I love finding secluded locations where I can work with my clients in peace. There may not be leaves on the trees in February, but down near the river we shot at it's still possible to find plush, grassy, spots!

    Basically - I loved it all! Mette was natural and confident in front of the camera. Enjoy a few of my favorite captures below.

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