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    What 2015 Taught Me About Photography | PROVO UT PHOTOGRAPHER

    December 27, 2015

    Every year I feel like I come away with so much more understanding of photography. I look back on what I was doing last year and think, "What was I thinking?!" 2015 has felt especially eye opening for me! Hopefully these tidbits of knowledge will be helpful, or relatable, to someone else out there!

    1. You be you.

    Is it crazy that I'm going on Year 4 of officially shooting as Emily Susan Photography, but it was only these last six months that I truly felt that I know my photography? I finally can use definitive words to describe my style and brand. What took me so long was all those years of comparing myself to others - thinking my work should be the same style as someone I admired. There are so many (truly wonderful!) wedding photographers out there with a moody, romantic, raw, style but WOW I am not any of those words! Haha!! 2015 finally taught me that my photography is happy and bright and I can finally focus all my energy on being exactly me.

    2. Portrait photography is 90% psychology and 10% camera.

    I sought ways to better capture genuine emotion in my images this year. There was even a whole project I did on the concept, Dance Portraits, which confirmed to me the importance of FUN and music and laughter in every portrait! Small talk, especially with new people, has always been SO HARD for me - but let me tell you. I'm finally getting 'ok' at it because making fun conversation from the beginning 'til the end of a shoot makes the biggest difference. Meeting and chatting with clients prior to a shoot is super valuable, too. I spend 90% of my time focusing on making clients feel comfortable and relaxed... and 10% focusing on the camera.

    3. Happy people, happy pictures.

    Imagine this scenario - you get your engagement pictures done by a photographer whose portfolio is AMAZE-maze. You know the pictures are going to be beautiful. But then when you get to your session.. you realize your personalities don't really click. You don't love the way you were treated, or you felt awkward, or stressed. Three weeks later, you get your photos back. As expected, they look amazing - BUT you can't help but always remember not-so-much-loving the day you got your photos taken or the person behind the camera. Basically, my ultimate goal is THE COMPLETE OPPOSITE OF THIS. I 100% believe that if we can make your photo-taking-experience FUN, you'll love your photos even more. Rather than just asking you to smile, I want something to happen that will actually invoke a smile. Happy people, happy pictures. I want you to leave your session saying, "We've never had so much fun getting our photos taken!" Having this goal in mind has completely changed the quality of photos I've produced this year.

    4. Haters gonna hate hate hate.

    Simply put - the more you work, the more you shoot, the more clients you serve, the more popular you get, inevitably means running into more people who won't like your work, or the way you shoot, or.. you. 2015 brought me some tricky situations with clients and cruel words from a disgruntled colleague. However, I learned that for every one unpleasant experience, there are ten wonderful experiences just around the corner! In the times that I was feeling down, it was only a matter of time before the most amazing, appreciative, kind client or colleague came into the picture. Good will always overcome the bad!

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