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    February 10, 2016

    My biggest advice for winter brides is to prepare! If your dream wedding dress has short sleeves, it will serve you best to prepare for being out in cold temperatures in those short sleeves. Aisha transformed her short sleeved lace dress into something that was perfect for her pre-Christmas wedding. Boots? Check. Tights? Check. Classy red gloves? Check. AMAZING RED CLOAK? Check!

    These two were still cold, don't get me wrong, but prepping with these things definitely helped combat walking through the snow and frigid wind. It isn't everyone's dream to get married in 20 degree temperatures, but you have to admit the white landscape adds a special something in the photographs. Take a look at some of my favorites from Aisha and Madison's bridal session in Provo below! Take an extra moment to appreciate the warmth of your home and cozy couch as you begin to scroll. ;)

    If you missed it, see their engagement pictures from this fall over HERE. I love them so!

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