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    February 22, 2016

    Whenever I come here to write some words about a wedding, I'm at a loss. I end up rambling a big, long, list of the great things about the day because there's just too much to say to even think about saying it eloquently!

    Emma and Tanner's day was perfect! It's easy to say that about every happy wedding day, but this day was for reals perfect FYI. It was a warm(!) December day with family and friends gathered around just before Christmas. Hot chocolate was served and Emma's dress had a big bow. The Timpanogos Temple grounds were cheery and bright! There were big piles of "TEAM EMMA" and "TEAM TANNER" pins with the rule, "You can ONLY choose one!" (I won't tell you whose side I chose). Jenga blocks to sign and to stack, first dances, and a sparkler exit! Do I continue?! I love that these pictures are full of real laughter between this happy couple and that pretty much sums it all up!

    Enjoy some of my most favorite pictures below and go visit their formal session images HERE.

    Dress | Sweetheart Bridal
    Florals | BYU Floral
    Catering | Kevin Patterson
    HMUA | Nateal Nielsen Ernst
    Reception | Wadley Farms

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