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    March 22, 2016

    Downtown Provo - yum! I was very skeptical of Utah when I first came here, but places like downtown Provo have especially grown on me. The historic buildings! Cute shops, fun colors, old brick! I love downtown Provo and I love living so close to it! On Sundays we often take walks around downtown and look in all the windows of the closed shops. Of course, the Provo City Center Temple is a wonderful new addition and I await the day that I'll actually get to WALK down the street to shoot a wedding!

    The warm tones of the brick buildings worked perfectly with Rachel's lace dress and pink bouquet. Though my favorite detail is probably their matching brown shoes! Scroll through and take a look.

    Dress | Gowns by Pamela
    Florals | Emily Jithame with The Rose Shop

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