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    Ammah in the Blossoms | PROVO UT PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHER

    April 6, 2016

    Every spring I have the same desperate thought, "I need to photograph someone in those blossoms!!!!" There's this one particular tree in our Provo neighborhood that I swoon over year after year. This particular tree sits in front of a white picket fence right on the corner. It always blooms weeks earlier than any thing else, which makes the tree feel extra special and pretty amidst the rest of the dead-tree landscape of early spring. These early blossoms seem to be gone in the blink of an eye! Every year I'm kicking myself for not getting my blossom pictures in time.

    I saw them arrive two weeks ago and was DYING(!) to make my flower dreams come true. When it didn't pan out to shoot any current clients, Ammah and I got together to shoot some last minute maternity pictures! Isn't it hard to believe she already had that perfect dress before ever knowing she would end up doing maternity pictures amidst pink blossoms? I know. Crazy.

    I'm cheering about these pictures, because even now (only ~two weeks later), those blossoms are totally ugly and disappearing. Enjoy some of the images below!

    One Response to “Ammah in the Blossoms | PROVO UT PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHER”

    1. Blossoms! Fence! Oh my goodness! <3 <3 <3 (PS I LoooOoOOve that tree and have noticed it before too! I'm so glad you photographed there!)


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