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    May 12, 2016

    A question I often get is, "Where is your favorite place to shoot?" and today I thought I'd give a little insight into my answer about that! If you're a photographer, I want to hear your answers, too!

    Favorite places = less popular places. The big, popular locations are busy. Naturally. You are often working around crowds and other obstacles. There's lots of pausing to let people pass by or waiting for your background to be clear. There's undoubtedly going to be other photo sessions happening around you. I thrive when my clients are comfortable and relaxed, clear of pressure to give 'the spot' to the next bride and groom waiting, play music, let them dance! As a true introvert, I really do work better in seclusion. :)

    Exploration is key! I can't tell you how much time I've spent driving around in my car, walking around parks, hiking trails, and checking out GoogleMaps to find some of my favorite spots. When you are willing and able to go out and explore on your own, you'll find new and unique options that you won't get by just asking the Internet, "Best Photography Locations in Utah". Finding an awesome new place to shoot is like finding buried treasure!

    That all being said, my favorite location is Provo Canyon! It's close to home, so I'm able to spend loooots and lots of time exploring its nooks and crannies! There's secluded little parks and trails. There's epic mountain views and dense forests. There's aspens and pines and waterfalls and meadows and lakes and rivers and sagebrush and did I mention the mountains?

    I recommend taking the time to explore all the side canyons off of the main road. Explore all the parks, because they often have walking trails hidden around the edges leading into the forest. Take a long drive all the way to Midway and back because the landscape totally changes when you get to the east side of the canyon! GO EXPLORE!

    These are some favorite shoots from Provo Canyon as of late - Jaylen + Tanner, Emmie + Mitchell, Aisha + Madison.

    Even on a cold, cloudy, windy day, like in these pictures below, Provo Canyon is always my favorite place to shoot!

    2 Responses to “My Favorite Place to Shoot | PROVO CANYON UT ENGAGEMENT PHOTOGRAPHER”

    1. Last year, I felt we got really lucky when we found out this space was available on the date we wanted - and now I know just how lucky we were! I can't recommend the chicago wedding venues enough! I have nothing but positive things to say about this place.

    2. What do you find is the best time to shoot in Provo Canyon? Golden hour is great in valleys, but the sun "sets" earlier in the mountains!


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