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    June 13, 2016

    In March our family all drove down to Fillmore, Utah to Stacey and dad's 1872 historic home that they have renovated over the past few years. We gathered in the main room for a simple ceremony and cut the cake in the kitchen. Guests meandered through the little brick house and throughout the yard with a pretty mountain view. So much time and love was put into restoring their Fillmore home and it was only fitting to hold the wedding there, too!

    And, to be honest, the best thing about holding your own wedding in your own home is definitely that the cat gets to come. ;) If you look close you might be able to spot me in the big group shot!

    3 Responses to “Woody+Stacey | FILLMORE UT WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER”

    1. I love these pictures! What a beautiful, beautiful wedding!

    2. shut up shut up shut up! how adorable is this?!?! I'm catching up on all your posts and getting my fill of your beautifully sharp blogged images! they're like crack to me!

    3. also the cat picture. LOVE. Perfection. <333


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