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    July 27, 2016

    There is this special skill to be a portrait photographer. It's a skill I'll call: "photograph two people you've never met before and make it totally comfortable and fun for them even though you are sort of a stranger and you are staring at them with a camera".

    It's hefty! When I arrive at a beautiful location like this up in the mountains (always a few minutes early - to take it all in and scope out the best nooks and crannies) and my bride and groom step out of their car I get SO EXCITED because my whole goal suddenly becomes making sure they LOVE this experience! Fun times, happy pictures. I love these pictures of Annika and Trevor because they have real, big, happy, smiles. Those are real smiles! I love it. I love that these pictures perfectly reflect how happy and comfortable they are around each other. Even with a "sort of stranger staring at them with a camera". Success.

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