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    Inspired by Daisy Dream | PROVO UT BRIDAL PHOTOGRAPHER

    August 15, 2016

    The school year is just around the corner, but for the first time ever I'm not out buying books and prepping for a new semester! It is surreal to be all done and graduated but luckily I still have some work to share from my last year at UVU! With two of my wedding photographer classmates, Sherry and Stephanie, we put together this shoot as part of a perfume "advertisement" we created for Daisy Dream by Marc Jacobs for a class project.

    It was juuuuuust the right time of year to incorporate the spring blossoms into our soft, feminine, flowery vision. We were fortunate to work with bride-to-be McCall and this gorgeous gown from Sweetheart Bridal in Provo! I'm honestly not sure if I know what Daisy Dream perfume smells like, but just looking at these pictures reminds me of the pretty smells of spring and blossoms - which is absolutely just as sweet.

    Here are a few of my favorite images from the shoot below!

    Gown/Veil/Accessories | Sweetheart Bridal, Provo, UT

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