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    September 21, 2016

    As a Utah wedding photographer, a lot of my experience is with LDS temple weddings. I love them! I love capturing the moment of the bride and groom joyfully walking out those front doors and admiring the gorgeous architecture of the temple exterior. By far one of the most unique LDS temples to experience (as a patron or as a photographer) would be the one in Manhattan, New York. Last year I was able to photograph Annabelle and Brad's happy exit from that special building (HERE) and capture the Pennsylvania ceremony and party (HERE) of the following day! Almost exactly a year later, they've finally finished the LDS temple being built right in Philadelphia itself. If only Annabelle and Brad could've waited a year, they would have had an much easier commute to and from their ceremony. Hah!

    With roots back east myself, I am sure hoping to book some weddings at the newly built LDS Philadelphia Temple and LDS Hartford Connecticut Temple sometime soon. Contact me if you're having a wedding in one of those places!

    For now though, let me draw your attention back to the west - with the amazing mountains and fall colors we captured as part of Annabelle and Brad's bridal session. Yum!

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