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    October 12, 2016

    Every time I head out to a shoot, I pack up my camera bag and double check that my gear is good to go. I consider what shoes to wear and how warm to dress. The last thing I do before a shoot is to prepare my "mental arsenal" - all that good stuff in my head ready to help my clients have an amazing experience! Poses, jokes, angles, shots all run through my mind. My mental arsenal is full of fun things I'll ask my clients to do that will (hopefully) make some cute and happy pictures. It's all part of my plan to get as much laughter, genuine smiles and gestures as I can!

    But then, you guys, I photograph a couple like Alyson and Spencer who are already SO sweet and comfortable in front of the camera that I don't even have to use my go-to's! They smiled and laughed and hugged through our whole shoot and I just snapped away. Paired with a stunning location, pretty light, and a twirly dress... that is the dream team.

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