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    October 17, 2016

    I can NOT help but share nearly every image from Jordynn and Scott's post-wedding slash anniversary bridal shoot! Jordynn approached me about doing some fun pictures together because she wanted some more images than just the ones shot on her wedding day last winter. I always wish I had done a bridal session, so I totally understood her feelings! She then explained, "I'm obsessed with Pride and Prejudice -- the new one. The silhouettes and noses touching, the playfulness, and the scenic shots are focusing on the grandeur of the fields before focusing in on the characters, etc" and I was like YES I UNDERSTAND THIS. I had absolutely no problem fulfilling this dream of Jordynn's because that is pretty much my goal every single time I pull out my camera.

    After everything was finished, Jordynn told me the best thing ever about her experience:

    "Throughout the week that all this went down, I learned a super important lesson: FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS! No matter how weird people think it is to retake your wedding photos -- do it! No matter how strange others may think my ideas are, I'm going to gather my resources, spend money where needed, and get the end result that I want. And trash their opinion. This is how magic happens! When I leave the world and go into my own imagined hopes and dreams. "

    Wedding Dress | Handmade(!)
    Flower Crown | Stormie Atkin

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