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    November 16, 2016

    Photographers may be familiar with an "inspiration shoot" which is typically a bunch of vendors collaborating together to make one, glorious, idealized, amazing shoot... but this is one of my "inspired by" shoots which is pretty different than that! My focus is on being creative, trying new things, shooting in new places and in new ways! There's a theme and I enjoy learning and researching as I prepare. A few past favorites were my Saint Lucia inspired bridal shoot and Marilyn Monroe inspired portrait shoot. Rather than spending heavy resources on HMUA and outfits and decor, I really enjoy the challenge of making these pictures come together in creative and.. affordable.. ways. Haha! The only thing we didn't already own for this particular shoot was the skirt, which was purchased at a thrift store for around four dollars. Win.

    A few more fun facts about these pictures!

    1. How'd we get a bouquet without spending any money? My sister/the model had attended TWO WEDDINGS the week prior and caught both the bouquets. We tied the two bouquets together with a pretty sash that had been part of a bridesmaid outfit I owned from a sister-in-law's wedding three years ago. And THAT is how to get creative!!

    2. The official theme was the Sahara and women's style during the time of British colonialism in Africa (why yes, I do like history). The unofficial but VERY REAL secondary inspirational theme was Taylor Swift and her Wildest Dreams music video(!!!!!!!!!). It. Is. Everything! I cannot come up with adequate words to describe my feelings for this song, this video, and for Tay Tay. And YES we absolutely listened to it repeatedly during our shoot. So so so so sooooo so good.

    3. This crossed off something on my "photography bucket list"! Shooting at the Little Sahara desert in central Utah requires quite the drive and some preparation, but its uniqueness makes it all worth it. I would absolutely shoot here again if I had the chance!

    3 Responses to “Inspired by the Sahara | LITTLE SAHARA UTAH PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHER”

    1. Heidi can pull off any outfit. She slays it! And as usual you do too! Love these Emily!

    2. This is so beautiful! That B&W of her clutching the folds of the skirt stopped me in my tracks. I love your inspiration shoots.

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