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    December 6, 2016

    You've probably heard the announcement that Emily Susan Photography is moving to Minneapolis, Minnesota in August of 2017! I've been working on some BIG business changes that will happen when we embark and I've also been getting to know some new friends from the area! I was able to meet up with cute Sophia who was able to tell me all about her home state of Minnesota and hometown of Duluth. Visiting the north shore of Minnesota up in the Duluth area was my very favorite part of a vacation we took last summer. The lakes, the pines, the rivers, rocky cliffs, beaches, wildlife - it was all a dream!

    So these pictures may not have actually been taken in Duluth (it was Idaho!), but some of the above mentioned elements certainly overlap! Spending the morning photographing Sophia out amongst the wilderness and hearing her stories about Minnesota made me even more excited for the move.

    I'll keep you posted on the big business changes as the move gets closer! For now, enjoy some of my favorite portraits of this cute girl. Anyone else a Minnesota native? Talk to me!!

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