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    January 9, 2017

    Looking back over my client work from the past year, I realized "Wow! I didn't realize how many anniversary sessions I did this year!" I photographed more anniversary sessions than engagement sessions.

    And this is exactly what I want.

    I am a firm believer that you do NOT need to be engaged or in a wedding dress to validate pictures of you and your sweetheart. Whether it's a one-year anniversary or twenty-year anniversary, anywhere in between or beyond, pictures together with your partner are special! Relationships change and grow past the wedding day (like, so much), so why should the only pictures of the two of you be from that one event?

    Through this next year ahead, I want to continue to grow as a sweetheart, anniversary, and wedding photographer in Utah and Minnesota (and beyond!). Don't forget that Emily Susan Photography is moving to Minneapolis, Minnesota in September 2017!

    Also, don't you just wish you could just smell all those pines in these pictures?! Thank you for letting me capture your happy smiles, Emma and Colton!

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