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    February 1, 2017

    Some people hate the idea of a winter wedding, some people love a winter wedding! Tess is the latter. She spent 18 months as a missionary in Wisconsin (walking OUTSIDE in the cold, cold winter every day!) which is pretty much the most extreme winter I can imagine - I mean Wisconsin is nearly Canada and Canada is NEARLY the North Pole. Then she came home to the mountains of Utah and eventually married Cecil in the middle of a December snowstorm! Here we are, three winters later, doing some anniversary pictures of Tess and Cecil - OBVIOUSLY in the snow again!

    Fun fact - in some of these pictures, Tess is wearing the same pair of Ugg boots she wore on her wedding day! Haha! Desperate temperatures call for desperate measures. I am constantly telling winter brides about how smart Tess was to wear Uggs to her wedding!

    Starting in August 2017, Emily Susan Photography will be based out of MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA. If you're in the Minneapolis, MN + surrounding region, let's get in touch! Remember - no engagement ring or wedding dress required to validate cute pictures! But maybe Ugg boots. Depends on the season. ;)

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