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    March 7, 2017

    Similar to most major cities have "Little Italy" and "Chinatown", many states have small towns and villages established by Scandinavian immigrants from the last century. I love any little market with German chocolates, Russian nesting dolls, Swedish Christmas traditions, lederhosen, wooden clogs, accordions, mountain goats, you get the idea! There is just something so wonderfully cozy about these places tucked in the mountains with long winters.

    As we are getting ready to move to Minneapolis, Minnesota, I've learned about the bits of Scandinavian heritage tucked into that part of the country as well. I look forward to visiting the American Swedish Institute in the city again (the most beautiful mansion!) or hoping over the Mississippi to visit the historic Swiss town, New Glarus, in Wisconsin. Bywabik, Minnesota looks so cute I could die!

    So, one of my favorite places while here in Utah has always been Midway - a tiny town first established in 1859 with a large population of Swiss settling there. Even today the historic Main Street is intact with all Swiss-themed architecture, old and new buildings alike. I love it so much! Kayley and Jake joined me for a snowy, sunny walk around historic Midway to capture its essence as well as their own cuteness. Oh I just love it all!


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