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    March 21, 2017

    If you've been following my work recently, you'll know that I love photographing couples who are already happily married. Their engagement pictures to show off the ring and alert the grandmas are long past delivered. The bridal photos where she figures out how to walk in the heels and he learns to hold the train (but not pull the veil!) have been framed and printed. The wedding day pictures full of sore faces from smiling so much are printed nicely in their albums.

    But what about after that? Think of the ways a marriage changes and grows after one year, five years, ten, or fifty! Those little details come out of the woodwork (does anyone else have a sleep talking or sleep WALKING spouse?!) and you get all these hurdles and triumphs to experience together as the years go on! Why not document those times, too?

    Lindsay and Joey just past the year mark of their wedding! Last winter they did their bridal pictures in some snowy mountains, so it only made sense to reflect a similar scenery in these pictures too. Aren't their smiles so radiant?!

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