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    March 16, 2017

    "The camera can't tell you're shivering!" was my motto for Sophia and Randy's engagement shoot last month at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah. There was some very cold water falling on our faced AND swirling at our feet for this whole shoot but they smiled through the pain! With some last minute shoe wear swaps, hair style adjustments, and eyeglass wiping moments, we made it work. I always emphasize to my clients that sometimes the WORST weather can make the most amazing, unique pictures. It's not every day (or any day) you see rainy pictures on the flooded Salt Flats, like, I SWEAR it's always sunny out there. Lucky us! ;)

    A month from today, Sophia and Randy will be happily married in Philadelphia (in the LDS Philadelphia Temple) and on their way to a tropical destination! It's hard to say exactly how the wedding day will be - maybe spring sunshine and pink blossoms will be out in the city, or maybe "April showers brings May flowers" will be the case. (I was also married in the month of April and secretly would have been happy for some drizzly weather - I just love the rain!) Whatever the situation will be, I am very very very hopeful it will be a little better than the conditions we had at their engagement pictures. But if not, Sophia and Randy are already experts now on laughing in the rain.

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