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    November 13, 2017

    Lately I've been putting all my heart into something else (see that post HERE) but I've still got wedding pictures I've never shared from this summer! It's true that my new project is taking me a little bit away from weddings, but I still love these pictures a ton and hope to continue shooting more just like these!

    Right as we finished up the bride and groom pictures, these big sweeping clouds came into the valley and I was LIVIN' for it! Like, okay, yes it did start to pour as we drove to the reception but it was totally worth it for a scene like this. I'll never forget it!

    One Response to “Jordan+Zach | LDS TEMPLE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER”

    1. We had an amazing event here this past weekend. We had a friend create some custom drink options that the bartenders served throughout the night and the designer easily collaborated with the space at New York wedding venues to address her needs.


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