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    If you're here, I'm guessing you share my love of all things happy and bright! Fun, genuine, moments mixed with silly ones and romantic ones. Colorful scenes and beautiful landscapes. If you're anything like me - you might be laid back, curious, and just plain happy. And if you're really like me - maybe you also have an affinity for pugs because of their kooky faces and heavy breathing! I love road trips and prefer to admire the grandeur of the American West to the soundtrack of Spirit. I blame my complete disinterest in sports on the bitter truth that tall people will always have the advantage - and I'm 5'2".

    At each of my sessions, you'll find me smiling ear to ear because my clients are so trusting with some of my nonsensical requests. "Shout a silly word!" I say from behind the camera. Giggles ensue and that's the moment I click the shutter. We climb hills and skip down them, we spin and kiss (well, you guys kiss), we capture bright and happy moments. I love it all and I love you!

    I want you to leave thinking, "We have never had so much fun before getting our pictures taken!"

    Emily is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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