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    The Anniversary Photographer | EMILY SUSAN KIM | Pictures that are HAPPY + BRIGHT + SENTIMENTAL

    After five years in the wedding industry, I realized there is more to document than just that day you're wearing white! I've become a passionate believer that you do not need to be engaged or in a wedding dress to justify pictures together.

    There is beauty and happiness in every stage of a relationship - young lovers and 50-year-marriages alike! I want to bring couples, young and old, in front of my camera to provide a fun, happy, romantic experience to remind you why you fell in love in the first place.

    This isn't just a photo shoot. It's not about saying cheese to the camera or breaking out the glamour poses. It's about spending time with your sweetheart, in a beautiful place, reminiscing about your experience together! I'm just tagging along.

    Visit The Anniversary Photographer by clicking HERE!

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